In-Game Relevance, Automation and Performance

Reach Global Fan Bases | Operating in 18 Global markets | 9 languages

Mporium Sport’s technology synchronises the real-time activation of in-game content for Google Ads, Social Platforms and Display Media for live sporting events.

  • Improve new customer registrations, subscriptions & sign ups
  • Leverage moments and ensure high scoring ad placements
  • Automate and maximise generic keyword coverage
  • Defensive measures against revenue loss due to piracy
  • Advertise in-game moments across media channels
    Google Ads
    Google Marketing Platform



Unique to Every Game, On A Massive Scale.

80 Sports | Worldwide Leagues | Major Competitions

Generate relevant fixture-specific ad copy and keywords to improve branding and drive performance.

  • 120 New Keyword Opportunities Per Game
  • 200 Missed Moments Per Event
  • Improve Branding across Media Channels



Game, Set and Moment.

Working with Rights Holders & OTT Service Providers.

From a Football World Cup winning goal to a surprise Knockout in Boxing, we’ll give you that competitive edge.

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