Moment Marketing

The Power of When

The three core pillars of marketing have remained unchanged:

WHO are we targeting?
WHERE should we reach them?
WHAT do we say to them?

Now, thanks to Mporium IMPACT there exists a fourth pillar to augment these – WHEN.

WHEN is the best time to target?
WHEN should we activate certain media?
WHEN do we say certain messages?

Knowing WHEN to reach, or WHEN not to reach an audience makes communications more effective and efficient. And importantly, makes communications more relevant, useful and enjoyable for target consumers.


IMPACT Platform


What is Mporium IMPACT?

IMPACT is a ‘plug and play’ automated and scalable platform that drives efficient and effective communication across brand and response activities.

By identifying and harnessing real-world moments that influence audience behaviour and attitudes, advertisers are able to communicate better across Search, Social and Display channels:

  • turn on (take advantage of a rise in interest levels)
  • turn off (protect budgets at sub-optimal moments)
  • bid up (leverage a spike in consumer intent)
  • bid down (identify moments that cause a reduction in intent or interest, save budget for later)
  • change creative (context is king and relevance rewards)
  • brand safety (always on, automated brand safety)

Peaks and troughs of optimal communication moments are ever changing. Once IMPACT technology has taken the desired action, after a defined period it returns any intervention to the state it was found in.

IMPACT technology can target custom audiences or pre-defined audiences based on interest or intent and is 100% GDPR compliant.

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