How does Mporium use data when you use our partners’ platforms (such as, for example,, websites or apps? 

Websites and applications deploy our Mporium insights product and other services to improve their shopping and web portals and to make their offerings more efficient and targeted. To achieve this, our Mporium insights product may send certain information to Mporium for this purpose, e.g. a unique identifier (which is unique to your device), the web address of the web page you visit and your IP address. We may also set cookies on your browser or device, or read or access cookies or information that is/are already there. We do not collect personally identifiable information (PII) other than where you have consented prior to disclosing such PII or where permitted by applicable law.

How do we use the information sent by your browser or device? 

When you visit websites or use apps that employ mporium products and other ancillary services (such as mporium insights), we may use the information we receive from those websites and apps to, amongst other things: (a) make ads more targeted and efficient, (b) provide reports of ads activity to advertisers and websites hosting the ads, and to ensure payment to those website publishers; (c) help website and app owners using our products to understand how users engage with their brands, sites or apps; (d) provide fraud detection and prevention services; (e) comply with applicable law; and (f) improve our products.

How do we use cookies?

mporium may collect first and third party cookies to measure your interaction with a website or application and, subject to obtaining your consents or where permitted by applicable law, measure where you visit a website or app from and where you may go to after you have visited that website or app. First party cookies provide information about the specific app or website that deploys mporium insights. Third party cookies may, for instance, provide re-targeted and behavioural advertising dependent on your preferences and user profile. For further information, visit

How can you control how your information and data is used? 

Website or app owners deploying mporium insights may be able to disable tracking, provided that their site still contains the necessary consents for managing users’ privacy.

We may in due course be providing an add-on for any users who would prefer that their data is not collected and processed by mporium insights.

We may also introduce other products in due course which enable users to manage their privacy and how their data may be collected and what cookies may be stored and accessed via your browser or device.

We may require app or website owners to include other mechanisms, notifications and opt-outs on the website or app as a condition of any development or software we make available.

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