About Mporium

Making Advertising Better

Our mission is to make advertising better.

Mporium’s proprietary technology enables brands and agencies to identify and leverage offline and online moments that effect consumer behaviour.

The existing marketing ecosystem has long been focused on three core pillars - audiences (WHO), channels (WHERE) and message (WHAT). We believe that a 4th dimension exists that augments each of the traditional pillars – WHEN.

We apply WHEN to WHO, WHAT and WHERE, delivering proven improved marketing performance.

Client Base

IMPACT technology is used by media agencies, clients direct, creative agencies, content agencies, social media agencies, sponsorship agencies, management consultancies, recruitment consultancies, media owners and rights holders.

A Unique Proposition

Independent research has demonstrated that situational and contextual factors are often more important than audience type in influencing behaviour change. Findings suggest that brands should focus as much on target contexts as they do target audiences, yet until now the technology has not existed to enable this to happen at scale.

All marketing networks are making significant investment into audience platforms. None are focussed on leveraging WHEN.

Mporium is the only company to harness WHEN in a scalable and automatable manner across all signals, improving outcomes across Search, Social and Display, and improving experiences for audiences.

The company is based in London and has global reach, with the technology currently being used in over 130 countries.

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