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  • 110% Increase in CVR

For the launch of the iPhone XR, Three wanted to develop their Google Shopping Ads Strategy in order to maintain strong marketplace visibility for Three and grow market share by conquesting on network competitors’ advertising.


As consumers are increasingly second screening and interacting with TV content in real-time, Three wanted to boost its advertising in these moments of heightened consumer intent.

In order to achieve cut-through in the right moments, the strategy needed to uncover and target the spikes in consumer intent. This is where Mporium’s IMPACT technology came in. The only way to capture this unpredictable audience intent is by leveraging real-time automation and expertise.

Mporium’s IMPACT technology was switched on to monitor and react to the selected stimuli TV and online signals. This empowered Three to serve Google Shopping ads realtime using informed, data-driven decisions to select the most relevant action in the moments when consumer intent was highest.


Synchronising Google Shopping Ads activity with relevant moments of consumer intent to allow Three to target its ads and budget more effectively.

Three was able to piggyback off and conquest on competitor’s advertising spend; when their competitors started conversations, Three jumped into them in real-time with a contextually relevant Google Shopping Ad.

The strategy resulted in a 110% improvement in conversion rate for Three shopping ads campaigns throughout the period.

Mporium enabled us to be more relevant and more real-time than we ever have been before in search. This came at one of the most critical commercial times of the year in Telco - the iPhone launch - and allowed us to get a competitive edge in a very tough market.

The results bore fruit, at a conversion rate which we wouldn’t have achieved without using MPorium.

Chris Gillet, Head of Direct Response at Three

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