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Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of Personalised Marketing

According to research, 44% of UK consumers say they will ignore all future communications from a company that doesn’t effectively target them. But what is effective targeting and how can marketers take advantage? In this blog, we’ll provide insight into the various ways marketers can make the most out of personalised marketing…

The stakes for getting your personalised marketing efforts right have never been higher. Too tailored and the customer could feel their privacy has been violated; too generic and they may find the messaging irrelevant. By carefully considering the right balance and the right manner of approach, businesses can deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right people, helping to increase conversions and revenue and providing a positive customer experience.

Smarter Segmentation

Segmentation is nothing new in marketing, but the need to produce more accurate segmentation is. By focusing on broad groups, businesses are lumping diverse customers together in vague groupings that likely only cater for a small percentage of people within that segment. Brian and Bill, for example, may both be 30-something year old men who like shopping for clothes and live in London, but that doesn’t mean that they’re both alike or will react to the same kind of messaging. Smarter segments that take a more nuanced approach will help identify that Brian tends to visit the same sites repeatedly, while Bill explores more online. Though small, this information can prove invaluable in guiding messaging and making for a better, more personalised experience for both Brian and Bill, and better results for a business.

React to Referring Channels

According to Google’s Zero Moment of Truth customer journey, consumers are empowered by their mobile devices and are now engaged in a vast series of Micro Moments that can be instigated anytime, anywhere. The customer journey begins even before the customer has actually visited your site, so it’s vital to understand how consumers are coming to your website because different channels instil different expectations. A customer who arrives from a referring link may have only a passing interest in what’s available on your shop, while a visitor through Organic Search is actively searching for the information, but is also aware of the numerous competitors who appeared in their search results. Different intentions mean different journeys, and personalising your site to cater for them can help smoothen the process out and generate a higher conversion rate.

Always-On Analysis

Personalisation isn’t something you can do once and leave, or even once every week, or month, and leave. It’s a regular, if not daily, activity that requires time and dedication to do properly: a truly always on approach. By analysing trends in this way, businesses can gain a greater understanding of how customers are using their website and going about buying their products in real-time, and adapt quickly should the need arise. The actions needed as a result of this kind of always-on reactivity can be very small (a change of copy) or very large (an overhaul of an entire customer segment), but they’re likely to deliver significant benefits.

Email blasts

Email marketing is something of a poisoned chalice for business owners. Get it right, and conversions can improve; get it wrong, and you risk irritating customers with emails that are either too frequent or not relevant. With consumers receiving an average of 416 branded messages a month according to recent research, finding the right balance is crucial if you want to avoid the spam folder and appeal to the 51% of British consumers who say they respond well to tailored content. So collecting refined and granular data about your consumers, and personalising your messaging by using their name, and offering curated content, deals, and offers that they’ll be interested in will help you get that email opened and the user clicking through and converting.

Personalisation is a time-consuming process, but one that can reap significant benefits. By paying attention to your customers’ needs and treating them as individuals rather than large homogenous groups, conversions and revenue can increase significantly.

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