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How Brands Can Adapt to Sporting Micro-Moments

Social media flourishes when it comes to sport. Whether you’re tuning in to the Philadelphia Eagles on television or heading to Lincoln Financial Field, you can engage with the team through social media using your phone or tablet device, and conveniently too, with the NFL and its stadiums becoming leaders in providing wi-fi for its spectators. Didn’t get a ticket to the Los Angeles Lakers? Don’t worry, the NBA is America’s third most social sports league, so you can tune in to all the action on Twitter, seeing every point scored as and when it happens.  

Micro-Moments in Sport

For the most part, sport moves pretty fast. Take Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants in the Super Bowl on January 29th 2001; 3 touchdowns were scored in 36 seconds, a Super Bowl record. To capitalise on these moments – the periods of time when fans are most engaged – brands need to adapt to micro-moments:

Let’s set the scene: it’s the Super Bowl. There are 111.9 million viewers tuning into the match and Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, has just directed his team toward the end zone to score the winning point. Suddenly, Brady’s the man of the moment. How does he do it? What trainers does he wear? What brand is his under armour? In that sporting micro-moment, observers want to know everything there is to know about Tom Brady.

How Brands Can Adapt to Sporting Micro-Moments | mporium

This is just one example of the kind of retail opportunities that may arise in that micro-moment. Of course, there are many more possibilities for almost any industry. Continuing with the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl example, brands could use micro-moment targeting with tailored ads, such as:

  • Use the code “BRADY” at checkout for 25% off your halftime take-away.” 
  • “Lead your team to victory! Get the same kicks as Tom Brady.” 
  • “Just how far can New England Patriots go? Place your bets here.”

All of these ads, which can be pushed over SERPs or social media, are relevant in that specific miro-moment.

The Role of Second Screening

Second screening in sport is the most prominent it has ever been, with 77% of us watching TV with a device for browsing the internet nearby. This could involve live-tweeting what you’re seeing on screen, updating your Facebook status with the end of match result or Googling player statistics and betting odds.

With sports fans picking up their mobile devices throughout the match – not just at half time or similar breaks – advertisers have ample opportunity to serve sponsored posts that relate directly to what’s being observed on screen. By knowing when key events happen (half-time, substitutions, goals etc.) and reacting quickly, relevant ads can be dished out across the social networks sports fans are communicating on.  

Monetising Sporting Micro-Moments

Having advertisers on hand during sporting events requires costly overheads, with a number of major events taking place out of typical office hours or at the weekend. To react to a micro-moment, such as a touchdown during an NFL match, it would require an advertiser to manually and quickly update ad copy and push out a sponsored ad across a number of channels.

Pre-meditation and automation can significantly ease the process and reduce the need for human input. By bulk typing up reactive ad copy, for example “[Insert player name] scores! Place your bets on [team] keeping the win here”, and importing into a system such as mporium IMPACT, the process of triggering campaigns in response to these events is entirely automated and much more cost effective.

This is because tools such as mporium IMPACT allow you to only serve your paid-for advertising when it’s most relevant, therefore ensuring it reaches the consumer at peak intent and maximises ROI.


Sports fans are loyal and dedicated; typically receptive to reactive advertisements that are served at the height of interest. Brands need to maximise on the peaks of each game by distributing ads that matter to fans the most in these micro-moments. This will, in turn, help them build a reputation as the brand that understands sporting interest as much as the fans.

Want to be there in the moments that matter? Why not contact our team at mporium to view the mporium IMPACT tool.

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