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What Does the iPhone X Mean for Digital Marketing?

The iPhone X is here! You’ve probably seen the winding Apple Store queues and social media hype surrounding Apple’s biggest and most hotly anticipated product launch to date! It seems the whopping £999 price tag has not deterred consumers, with demand for the iPhone X being off the charts. Along with the launch of the iPhone 8, the two recent Apple launches have propelled Apple on its way to break the $1 trillion yearly market cap for total revenue.

The tech world has gone into overdrive for the iPhone X and its new groundbreaking features, meaning the smartphone is undoubtedly set to impact on a wide range of industries. In this article, we will run through the specifics and what the iPhone X now means for digital marketing.

AR: Mainstream Reality

It goes without saying that one of the iPhone X’s flagship features is its Augmented Reality (AR) compatibility and capabilities, most notably the brand new ‘Animoji’ feature. AR is of course, nothing new: we have already seen its international storming successes and potential on Pokemon Go and Snapchat. This bold move by Apple to embrace the fringe and infant technology will truly thrust it into mainstream use, in turn opening up various digital marketing avenues for brands to leverage the potential of AR.

AR on the iPhone X doesn’t stop with ‘Animoji’; Apple has released ‘ARKit’, which is a tool to assist app developers in enabling AR on new App store apps. This is a clear indication of how Apple feels about AR and how it has realised the true potential on offer.

In the battle between AR and Virtual Reality (VR), the release of the iPhone X has suggested that AR is the technology that will be the first to break the consumer electronics market. This is most probably due to AR’s sheer convenience and accessibility; as opposed to VR’s limitations and restrictions. Maybe it just comes down to society as a whole just not being ready for VR yet – but we wouldn’t rule it out!


Earlier in the year, we asked ‘Is it time to recognise voice recognition?’. Well, it most certainly is. Voice recognition has come so far in such a short space of time and products are creeping ever so slowly into mainstream use; for example, we see it in the fiercely competitive smart-speaker market where the likes of Amazon, Google and Apple are battling it out for market supremacy in the voice-activated home market.

Over the years, Apple has invested heavily in its voice search assistant, Siri’. Siri has come a long way since its pioneering launch on the iPhone 5 and the iPhone X has taken it to the next level. “By 2020, more than half of all search based queries will be made from voice recognition,” Search Engine Land says.

Admittedly, voice search and voice recognition technology is still very much still in its infancy but thanks to the iPhone X, the technology will become more widely used and accepted into mainstream use long-term. This brings so many potential opportunities to brands and businesses as consumer habits change and the next generation of smartphone users arrive on the scene. To keep up, digital marketing strategies must adapt and be refined to keep up with the wave of change the iPhone X is catalysing.

What Does the iPhone X Mean for Digital Marketing | mporium

The Next Generation

One of Apple’s main aims with the iPhone X is to ignite the attention of the future generation of smartphone users. The future generation known as ‘Generation Z’ are shaking up the tech and digital marketing industry with their new perspectives and behaviours in life. Traditional marketing methods and techniques do not resonate with this generation.

The iPhone X’s new features, which will only grow in popularity along with the future generations of smartphone users, present brands and businesses with a platform to connect and interact with a target audience that is notoriously difficult to tap into. Utilising features such as ‘Animoji’ and incorporating them into digital marketing strategies will definitely stimulate long-term growth as brands learn how to connect with younger audiences using the iPhone X and its features.


It’s safe to say the iPhone X will have a profound effect on digital marketing in the years to come. We are already beginning to see how its features are not only evolving consumer habits, but how the iPhone X is signalling change in the digital marketing industry as strategies are refined and brands and businesses vie to keep pace with the relentless tide of change on the horizon.

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