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Why Generic Search is a Secret Weapon for Incremental Conversions

In the land of Paid Search, Generics don’t always get the same focus as Brand terms. But given the chance, and the right opportunity, Generics can be a key weapon in the arsenal of any online marketeer.

How do you make Generics work for you? And how useful can Generics really be?

Make Generics part of your search activity strategy

Paid Search is often viewed as a ‘performance channel’. So far so good. The problem arises when it’s pigeon-holed as an entirely last-click, bottom-funnel solution, measured by KPIs to prove this.

Generic keywords have great potential for capturing engagement and leads higher up the funnel. For awareness building, and audience capture, they can therefore be a an extremely cost-effective force if deployed in the right context and moment. Imagine a shopper starting out on their phone purchase journey: ‘best smartphone’, ‘best phone camera’ etc. Generics help brands capture this latent interest effectively by being visible in the moment.

Activate Generics when it really matters

We know that many paths to purchase start with a search, or at least have search as a component mid-funnel; this is exactly when generics should be applied to deliver incremental growth. Imagine delivering an ad precisely when and where your prospects are searching. Better still, why not say something relevant to whatever stimulated them to search?

Consider a travel brand bidding on Generic search terms like ‘winter holidays’ or ‘hot getaways’ and switching creative in moments of higher consumer intent. By synchronising their advertising activity with signals that prompt people to search for snow or sunshine holidays; it could be anything from a TV programme featuring skiing or beach holidays, to news reports of Britons needing more Vitamin D, or simply the weather forecast saying that it’s going to be a long, cold winter. We work with our customers to understand which external stimuli are spurring their consumers to act, and exactly when they search for relevant Generic terms. Once our customers know what Signals are most relevant to their consumer demographics, we help them automate their advertising activity to capitalise on the surges of intent and make them the most visible ads online.

Better still, harness the urgency

If you’re Generics can be linked to events like sports streaming or betting, then you’re at an advantage. Time-sensitive events allow you to leverage the urgency in order to drive instantaneous conversions.

Consider our recent collaboration with a global sports streaming platform looking to drive incremental conversions to grow their subscribers. By tapping into the ‘search moments’ of heightened emotion within each game, we precision-targeted ads to connect with the consumer in the moment they searched. These search moments included start times, score-lines, winning play, teams, star players. We tailored ad creative to seven different search moments so that the ads would be contextually relevant to the audience. This combination of real-time Generic paid search and tailored ad creative smashed expectations to achieve a 50% increase in total conversions at 50% reduction in CPA, with a huge 100% increase in ROI on the previous year.

We were able to smash KPIs by precision-targeting ads during search spikes. It took the brand directly to their European consumers, in a personalised, relevant way that created the necessary urgency for conversion. That is the real beauty of time-bound events such as sports; they create better urgency.

Automating Search advertising in real-time is putting Generics in the spotlight, helping brands to finally harness the power of generics for incremental conversions, and ensure they’re always ready to capture relevant consumer intent.

Because if you don’t, then your competitors will.

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