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Second Screen Betting on American Sport

Betting on sports is nothing new; wagers have been staked on various sports for hundreds of years, but fast forward to 2017 and the dynamics have changed, thanks to the digital age. Smartphone betting Apps are now the preferred choice of users wanting to place bets on their favourite sports matches.

One Silicon Valley startup is set to go one further: WinView, is a smartphone App that enables users to place wagers on in-play sports games but with a twist. Users are simply faced with only ‘Yes or ‘No’ questions. The user must then decide how much they want to place on the outcome depending on how confident they are, then just sit back, watch the play and watch the game unfold. The startup is attracting some serious attention from investors, as reported by the New York Times, WinView raised $12 million in a recent round of financing.

What Makes WinView Different?

Perhaps the most unique aspect of WinView which sets it aside from other in-game betting platforms is it is completely free to play. Users bet with their points allocation, not their own money. Cash prizes can then be won at the end of the game, depending on your points ranking against other users. Currently, select NFL, NBA, and MLB games are the focus. WinView systematically creates these Yes or No scenarios, as they happen in the game, and mathematicians then calculate the probabilities before the question is sent out to the users.

Second Screen Betting on American Sport | mporium

Users are faced with questions such as the above,‘Will Dallas score a passing touchdown on this drive? Yes or No…It’s that simple.

“WinView Games essentially allows you, the sports fan, to play along with the game you’re watching on TV using an app and the touch of your finger on a tablet, smartphone or PC,” Zach Leonsis, Vice President of Monumental Sports Network.”

This is a prime example of a silicon valley startup embracing how second screening is now our second nature and is capturing the very essence of how it is becoming integrated into people’s viewing experience. The fact users have to be engaged with the game on another screen to stand any chance of winning epitomises this. Users are also encouraged to chat with other players, wether it be in the chat lobby to discuss the game, as it happens, but also sit and play with friends and set up private leagues to compete with one another, yet again driving the social aspect of second-screening, this especially works well in American Sports which are known for frequent stoppages.

Further Examples Of Second Screen Betting in Sport

Although American Sports are currently at the forefront of second-screen technology, second-screening in live sport is a digital trend that is only gathering momentum across all sports. As mentioned in our top 5 sports marketing trends, there are many variations and innovations of how fans are now incorporating digital into their whole sports viewing experience.

Closer to home, fantasy football leagues are proving to be very popular amongst fans. Users choose their weekly picks on their smartphone app; decisions are based on current form and current opposition. Points and stats are updated in real-time therefore giving the user the option to watch the game but also second-screen and check up on their fantasy team. The social aspect of playing with friends and joining in real-time discussions is also a key component and something which only optimises the whole second-screen experience.

Another growing in-game betting trend can be seen in marketing campaigns such as Sky Bet’s #RequestABet and William Hill’s #YourOdds. Fans wanting to create their own bet simply have to get their smartphone out, send a tweet of what they want using the hashtag and then the bookmaker calculates the betting odds and makes it available on their own betting app. Again this new innovation only goes to show how much recognition second-screening, and digital technology as a whole, is receiving from companies and how widely it is now used by a wide cross-section of sports fans.


As time progresses, there will no doubt be many more technological innovations released by sporting institutions and tech companies alike, all in an effort to truly harness the power and potential that second-screening poses in the sports sphere; as for now, WinView is currently leading the way in offering American sports fans the most reactive and real-time viewing and gaming experience.

With more and more of us now second-screening, it opens up the world and opportunities that lie in micro-moments. People’s thoughts, decisions and opinions are increasingly being gathered on a quick Google search, which in turn is forcing brands to compete to be the most reactive and to be in the moment. mporium IMPACT is a tool that can help maximise your visibility and exposure in a micro-moments like the next NFL TV timeout. Get in touch with us today to see how mporium IMPACT can help your brand achieve the best possible results.

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