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INFOGRAPHIC | 5 Most Mentioned Cities on UK TV

Throughout 2016, the United Kingdom capital London was the most mentioned UK city on Freeview television. The data, leveraged using proprietary mporium IMPACT technology, indicates that this largest city in Europe received 33% of mentions, edging well ahead of other major British cities. Leicester, a reasonably modest-sized city in the East Midlands of England, made the top 5 cities mentioned; likely owing the place to Leicester City’s win in the 2016 Premier League.

Our mporium IMPACT product uses a range of data inputs, such as TV, in this case, to manage in real-time the pricing, timing and selection of creative for digital advertising campaigns. By triggering campaigns in response to a fluctuation of mentions or events, ad spend is invested in the moment of greatest consumer interest.

Modelled around a multi-screening society, a travel company, for example, could use mporium IMPACT to trigger paid digital advertisements of London city experiences whenever London is mentioned X amount of times across British television. By analysing mentions across a breadth of channels, mporium IMPACT would automatically launch the ads at peak times of interest – resulting in more concentrated advertisements and ad expenditure.

Mobile traffic is key to digital marketing performance. To succeed, you need to know when to reach consumers.

Without access to real-time data, companies may make predictions on what the most popular UK cities are in terms of television mentions, most likely hedging bets on the largest, busiest cities. The inclusion of Leicester, which hosts a population of 329,839 compared to London’s 8.674 million residents, demonstrates how social stimuli such as sports can greatly affect and skew data which may otherwise be considered predictable.

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