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How To Make Product Pages That Convert: 4 Tips

A lot of thought and effort goes into driving customers to your eCommerce product pages as quickly and efficiently as possible, and rightly so. But all of that effort is wasted if the customer gets there and clicks away before you’ve sold them anything. So how do you make product pages that convert?

Make Them Eye-Catching

We all know what product pages look like, and while you don’t want to overwhelm visitors and distract them from making a purchase, you want to make an impression. Hopefully your product is good enough to sell itself, but the page is part of a whole package that is specifically optimised and designed to appeal to your customers. If your target audience welcomes a more experimental approach, run with it, while making sure you’re following the usual product page best practices.

Don’t Just Stick With Tried And Tested

The core elements of a product page – photos, description, specifications, etc are the standards for a reason, but if you want to stand out, you need to offer more. Videos are becoming core elements on many sites, but still not all, and very few add more value to their pages. Alongside the important regular aspects of product page optimisation, be more creative with how you advertise your product using videos, get testimonials from customers, demonstrate how your product changes their lives.

Use Social & Customer Generated Content

There’s more to social on product pages than just having buttons allowing customers to tell their Facebook friends what they’ve bought (though this can still be useful if done right, giving people a chance to be evangelists for you on their terms). But why not use social reviews as a way of getting more consumer feedback on your product page? Keep them refreshed and up to date and you’ve got a page that is engaging and staying relevant and lively.

You can also ask your customers to send in photos of themselves wearing/using your product, giving potential customers the chance to see more than just your studio photography. Using photos submitted by existing customers is also a great way to build up their loyalty to your brand with minimum effort and cost as well as creating product pages that convert browsers into buyers.

We’ve previously written an article with some ideas for how you can incorporate Pinterest into your eCommerce strategy.

Do The Little Things That Make A Difference

Putting the extra effort in to give your customers a great experience is worthwhile. We’ve mentioned videos already, but as well as standard testimonials and demonstrations, why not add videos with hints and tips for getting the best out of the product, or maintaining/cleaning it? There’s also little bits you can do with the content on the page and the design that add to the experience, as long as they fit in with your brand and target audience. We live in a culture where ‘Easter eggs’ are ever more popular, so why not reward your customers?

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